Need practical advice and support to be better organised, more focused and more productive?

Need practical advice and support to be better organised , more focused and more productive?

Have you ever had a Friday where you look back at your work week and thought you didn't get anything done? 

You were so crazy busy, but somehow nothing moved forward?
You feel stressed, disappointed and tired?
Finally here is the support and coaching you need
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or read below what this program can do for you.

Hi Michael here, 
former German officer and global executive. 

Now, I am founder of High Performance in the Digital Age. 

I am also the host of the Disciplined Disruption Podcast, a show at the intersection between digital disruption and personal transformation. 
I have a question for you:
Have you ever had such a Friday experience?
You look back at your work week and thought you didn't get anything done? 
You were so busy, but somehow you didn't get things done or moved things forward, but maybe not your key projects? 

Those projects that matter most to you? 

Or you felt you've got so much distractions from all these emails, maybe a little bit social media, maybe youtube, the boss, clients, colleagues, everyone else was distracting you and you're not moving forward?

And the worst part is that you think to yourself that you need to sacrifice your weekend, your family time, the most precious time you have? 
Have you ever been there? 

Well, I was there too many times.  

I really remember one specific time which was 2009.  

In this year I had to work almost every single weekend in the office. 

So Saturday morning after an early breakfast with the family, I drove back to work and had to work. 

Yes, there were some massive projects, but still it came at a massive, massive cost for the family. They could barely deal with it. 
"So it was very, very painful. That's why I felt, well I have to change something about it." 

I started looking around and looked at various productivity systems and approaches and tried that out and this out and somehow nothing really stuck and felt right. 

Approaches were either complex or not really sustainable. 

Somehow I then moved on, but I kept that in my mind. 

There has to be something. But it didn't really get better.

Then over time I thought about what else is working out there in the world, maybe for teams or business or something like that. 
"There must be something"
 and that's where it hit me a little bit later when I came across the agile methodology - also called SCRUM
You might know or have heard about agile because there's a lot of buzz around it.

It’s taking the world in storm. But don't worry, I am not talking about the agile methodology here and bore you with any of that. 

I just want to give you an idea how relevant it is. 

When venture capitalists today consider investing into tech companies, they wouldn't do so if it wasn't run agile. 

That gives you a little bit of a flavor how important and relevant the approach is. 
And yes, it can be done in the wrong way, too. 

I experienced the power myself when I was the country manager 
in Australia of a German software company. 

They had acquired a company in Australia and I helped integrate the acquisition. 

Part of that transformation process was moving from the old style development to the new agile style and it was really, really powerful to see how things move smoothly and quickly.  

So I thought that's a great methodology. 

Can we use that? 
Can I use that on my personal level? 
So I played around, experimented and tested things out 
and really developed an approach 
stripping out all this overhead and the complexity.

No certification, just plain, simple and straightforward
And the result was very, very powerful.
There was this system, this approach. 

And it worked really well 
because I got so much clarity and so much satisfaction on a Friday. 

Plus a huge relevant workload I got done - it was really amazing. 

So, I started sharing that journey and the principles.

And the best my first students also loved it:

  •   Bruce: It’s practical advice.
  •  Ben: You get so much better organised and focused.
So I thought to myself: 

"I have to create something. 
I need to put together a program so that I can share that with more people." 

... and now I want to invite you to the
Because I know how important implementation is 

and how important it is to have a pragmatic and experience centric approach,

I made sure that the program became a certified experience product. 

Now YOU are invited to join the 
six weeks online program...

.... is to use the agile approach 
to create your personal productivity system to 
double your weekly work effectiveness 
without working more

The program:
  •  6 weeks online with a new lesson every week.
  •  Experienced focus on learning / doing
  •  Ready - Fire - Aim approach - powerful

Ready Phase
 One week only

Week 1
+ simple
+ no jargon 
+ key elements 
+ key words 
you need to understand to make the approach work for you
Fire Phase
Three weeks

Week 2: 
Experience the method, already first benefits and clarity

Week 3-4
More elements to improve your system.
Questions will be addressed.
You feel so good with the system.

Aim Phase
Two weeks   

We tailor it even further to your specific needs

Week 5
Daily flow integration
Software solutions

Week 6
More ways to utilise this method - I'll share examples like our recent move

What makes this program so different?
  •  It's not fluff, it's pragmatic. It's to the point so you can implement straight away
  •  It'll give you a better understanding and insight into the agile methodology and scrum
  •  You might be able to take this back to your work if necessary and support the movement there
  •  It's simple so that you get the benefits as quickly as possible
  •  It's a flexible tool, which you can apply to all kinds of situations: work life, family life, single projects and more

What would you invest to have more time for yourself and your family?
What is the feeling of getting things done and really moving forward with your goals worth to you?

... and I put together some amazing bonuses to make it even better for you.  

Bonus 1

I put together:

 the six strategies of rapid learning 
based on, the book “Agile Selling”.

It's a short and sharp session which you can do right at the beginning. 

Use that for the program or in any other area in your life. 

This is valued of $97
Bonus 2

Access to to me via a slack channel to ask questions.

It's clearly not a one on one program. (Otherwise it would have a different price point) 

But I want to be as accessible and supportive as possible for you so you can move forward.

That is valued at $197
Bonus 3

30 minutes one on one session helping you with your productivity.

As certified high performance coach I see how my one on one clients struggle with the high performance habit - productivity - so let's move forward together! 

We can talk about the the program and your implementation or any other area of productivity which is most relevant to you. 

This is valued at $250+ 

That’s a total value of $1,041
What if it only saved you three to five hours every week? 
I'm not talking about one week, but I'm talking about every single week going forward. 

Would that be worth the investment?

... and “What if it doesn't work for me?” 

Get 30 days, no questions asked, money back guarantee. 
... and because you might like to learn from other PPP students questions or you want to ask anything in person ....
I have this additional Bonus for YOU
Bonus 4

You get three months access to the monthly Q&A sessions.

We jump on an online group call and you can ask any question coming up doing the PPP. 

This is valued at $297 

This is what you get:
  •  Personal Productivity program, valued $497
  •  Rapid learning secrets, valued $97
  •  Slack channel excess, valued $197 
  •  One-on-one 30 minute session, valued $250+
  •  3 months Q&A group call, valued $297
  •  Personal Productivity program, valued $497
  •  Rapid learning secrets, valued $97
  •  Slack channel excess, valued $197 
  •  One-on-one 30 minute session, valued $250+
  •  3 months Q&A group call, valued $297
Total value of $1,338+
You pay only $497 today!
PPP students statements why they enjoy the program:
"Practical Advice"

"Tailored to a personal situation" 

"The message of doing rather than theory"

"The ease of the program to access and complete"

  •  "Practical Advice"
  •  "Tailored to my personal situation"
  •  "The message of doing rather than theory"
  •  "The ease of the program to access and complete"
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